Does Factory Resetting your phone delete all your data forever? NOPE.



An estimated 500 million Android phones don’t completely wipe data when their factory reset option is run, a weakness that may allow the recovery of login credentials, text messages, e-mails, and contacts, say Cambridge University after producing a report on the recovery of previous data after a reset. (you can download the report here).


Wow! And they even let us have a look at what they can do with the data and where to find it!… [READ_MORE]

Gulf Of Mexico – Oil platform catches fire

U.S. Coast Guard aerial photo shows a fire on board an oil production platform in Breton Sound Block 21 located about 20 miles (32 km) east of the boot tip of Louisiana, in the Gulf of Mexico May 22, 2015.

No injuries were reported, but a 1.4-mile oil slick was visible in the water. 22 workers had to be evacuated. Another oil slick? Excellefuckinglent. Doesn’t look like a good year for sea food does it?… [READ_MORE]

UPDATE – California Oil Spill – now 105,000 GALLONS leaked

Just yesterday, i posted about the oil spill here. It was up to 21, 000 gallons. Now, just 3 days after the spill, it has increased to over 100,000 gallons and these man are skressin. The pipeline is still underground, so it will take a few days to determine how much crude oil was actually spilled. “Oil recovery tends to be a complicated process that involves a lot of manual labor,” Williams said.… [READ_MORE]

Police throw a FLASH BANG in an Infant’s crib – Poor Aim

The no-knock raid was prompted by an anonymous tip which suggested there were drugs in the house. As the officers forced their way into the home, they chucked a flash grenade which landed in the babys cot and the infant suffered severe burns and had to be taken to the hospital, and placed in a medically induced coma. For obvious reasons, the sheriff’s department would be responsible for the damage inflicted on this child.… [READ_MORE]

California – Oil pipeline bursts open spilling 21,000 gallons into the sea

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A Californian oil pipe bursts near the coast, spilling near enough 21,000 gallons of oil straight into the sea / environment. You can see that the oil has literally masked the whole surface of the beach and the water. Apparently, the area has been sectioned off by Californian coastguards, but what use is that? They still haven’t properly cleaned up the BP oil spill. An official added that it had traveled about 50 yards (46 meters) into the ocean.… [READ_MORE]

THIS IS WHAT YOU DRINK: Tap water catches fire


Know why this is? Fracking. This is the process by which natural gas is extracted by using water, sand and toxic chemicals injected at high pressure into oil of methane gas deposits to fracture the rock above and release the liquid or gas below. Fracking involves releasing natural gas trapped in shale formations by blasting a mix of water, sand and chemicals into the rock. Fracking contaminates water supplies.… [READ_MORE]

ROYAL MAIL now snitching to the FEDS – UK

Royal Mail and the Metropolitics Police are now working together to see who likes to buy a lot of stuff online and who gets a lot of parcels in their letterbox etc etc. Oh, they will be keeping a watchful eye for foreign mail. You know what, they might even have a peek in themselves. It’s happened to me before, and i’m pretty sure its happened to a lot of people in the UK.… [READ_MORE]



In the lawsuit filed in California, Monsanto is accused of: The deliberate falsification to conceal the fact that glyphosate is harmful to humans and animals. Finally. Although, money to them is not an issue. They will probably just change the text and re-produce the product. The class action lawsuit (Case No: BC 578 942) was filed in Los Angeles County, California against biotechnology giant Monsanto. It alleges that Monsanto is guilty of false advertising by claiming that glyphosate, the active ingredient in their best-selling herbicide, Roundup, “targets an enzyme only found in plants and not in humans or animals.” However, this herbicide has caused alot of fucking illnesses to humans recently if you check my “Health” posts.… [READ_MORE]

Genetically Modified GMO corn causing infertility in animals [humans too]


Jerry Rosman, a pig farmer in Iowa, was cultivating GMO corn (Roundup Ready and BT) and fed this corn to his pigs. In the end, his sows became infertile and one year later he went bankrupt.

DES MOINES, IOWA – An environmental group and an animal welfare organization today jointly released evidence that, for a second time, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) sold corn that one of its own researchers said might contain a novel toxin.[READ_MORE]